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Contract document for

Welcome to our psychological therapies/clinical supervision practice! This document contains important information about our professional services and business policies. Please read it carefully.

Your signature below or emailing this contract to your therapist indicate that you have read this document and that any questions you had about it or the psychotherapy/clinical supervision process have been answered to your satisfaction. This means that you are entering into a professional therapeutic relationship by the terms of this document during that professional relationship. (Please download this document, please ask for help if needed.

Psychotherapy Sessions

We offer a range of psychotherapy sessions including face to face, Vsee, Skype and Face time, some psychotherapists offer email interventions, secure messaging sessions and this information will be displayed on the ‘about us’ page.
Initially there will be an evaluation of your needs and interventions as required. The total number of sessions will be discussed and agreed with you. Patients are actively encouraged to carry out tasks between sessions such as reading psycho-education material, completing diaries, and other exercises as this has been proven to improve therapy outcomes. If you have questions about the procedures, we should discuss them whenever they arise.

Appointments and Fees

Once psychotherapy has begun we will initially have regular 60 minute session, although sometimes sessions can be longer, shorter, more or less frequent. All payments must be paid in advance of next agreed appointment. Once an appointment time has been agreed upon and scheduled, you will be expected to pay for it within 48hrs. The full fee will be incurred for appointment cancelled within less than 48hrs of the scheduled appointment. This can be paid by PAYPAL, bank transfer or Western Union and the details will be on your psychotherapist website page. Fees will remain the same for the duration of therapy. The same procedure applies for consumers of clinical supervision.

Emergency contact

When doing on line therapy In the event of technology failure, it is suggested that we send a text message to each other’s mobile phones and use the same system to let the other know when we are back online. The mobile phone number will be provided when psychotherapy begins.


Record Keeping and Data Protection:

Your psychotherapist may keep short notes on you and therapy sessions such as background information and issues worked on. Notes are kept securely and anonymously, and will be destroyed one year after our therapy contract has ended. Your psychotherapist may undertake clinical supervision to discuss your case. However, within these discussions, your information, e.g. name and address, will be anonymised so that you are not identifiable. The clinical supervisor is also legally bound to keep the information confidential.

All psychotherapists on site follow the ethical British Association of Behavioural & Cognitive Psychotherapies guidelines on

The same procedure will be applied to notes taken during clinical supervision.

Referral/Risk management:

If risk issues has been disclosed or when a referral to another service is required, your psychotherapist will notify you of their concerns, discuss your options with you and may only be able to provide general advice on whom you may contact (e.g. to contact emergency services, hospital, mental health services and GP). We are not a crisis service and are not equipped to respond in these instances.

Termination of Contract

Both parties have the right to terminate the psychotherapy/clinical supervision contract at any time; however this will be done in a constructive planned way.


Whilst we will take all reasonable precautions to keep you and others safe, we will not be held responsible for your actions or other people actions.
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